A hitman.
A princess.
A forbidden romance.

Darragh O’Callaghan is good at exactly two things: not caring about anyone, and killing his enemies. The only Irish mafia in the city needs good enforcers to keep their borders, and Darragh does his job well. So he can’t understand why he screws it all up when a hit is placed on the Delarosa gang’s prime jewel: Giuseppina Delarosa.

All her life, Giuseppina Delarosa knew two things: what her father and brother did after dark was a secret, and her life was never her own. As the sole daughter of Don Delarosa’s clan, it was well known a marriage would secure the future of the family. But when she learns she’s to be wed to an infamous ally, Giuseppina has other plans.

One rainy night.
One decision not to kill.
One moment that changes everything.

Once upon a time, all Giuseppina Delarosa cared about was escaping her suffocating past. Then Darragh entered her world and offered the unlikeliest of escapes. But in the dark world of the mafia love doesn’t come easy, and now she’s playing a dangerous game to keep Darragh alive. Staying one step ahead of her captor is a necessity to save everyone she loves, but it will take more than Giuseppina’s ever sacrificed to win this power game with Lucien Rocci.

Darragh O’Callaghan never cared for anyone until Giuseppina changed his entire life. As the new Kingpin of the Irish mafia, the stakes are higher than ever before. In a world where tradition and honor rule them all, he’s faced with new consequences as he searches for the woman he loves. As war erupts around the city and new alliances are formed, Darragh will have to play a dirty and bloody game to keep his family alive.

Can they overcome the dangers from every corner of NYC, or will the life finally catch up destroy them both?

When I thought of death, I thought of him.

Dying releases a rush of endorphins— the greatest high you’ll ever receive. Once, I felt it myself and have been chasing it ever since.

Everything about him was a warning. The man who embodied death, the most feared person in the city.

But I only felt alive again whenever he was near.

Recklessness, curiosity, a broken heart . . . one of the three would end up killing me.

And when it came to Andrea Delarosa, I knew exactly which one it would be.


I spent my entire life on the right side of the law.

I planned to follow in my father’s footsteps, becoming a lawyer while he investigated the most dangerous men in the city.

Then Marco Vendetti made me an offer I couldn’t refuse, a summer internship that was supposed to launch my career.

He was my opposite in every way— vicious, cunning and shrouded in mystery— but even my darkest suspicions didn’t come close to who he really was.

Now I’m mixed into a world of power and lies, one I don’t belong to.

I always knew I was born to uphold the law.

But Marco Vendetti was born to break it.